Friday, October 26, 2018

Broken Hearted Trailer

Check out the first trailer for Broken Hearted.

Follow us on facebook at Follow us on instagram at Story Brian is a PH.D candidate who thinks he has his life figured out until he meets Michelle who is coming out of a recently toxic relationship. Both their worlds are flipped upside down while they try to navigate their feelings for one another. A drama comprised with a soundtrack from the most talented independently produced music artists. It's America Graffiti meets The Notebook. Cast BRIAN – Chris Matteis MICHELLE – Irene O'Neill- ANDREW – Jason Wieder- STACY - Jennifer Cové- JOHNNY – Dylan Isaacs TOMMY – Tyler Godden- JACK – Francis Leik LUCY - Cat Valentine JOYCE - Cecilia Vaicels- KRISSY - Elizabetta Malagon- BRUCE – Miguel Poncé- MAGGIE – Sabrina Garcia DANA – Maya Koshaba FIGURE SKATER – Danielle Montalbano-Brezina- The Music We’ve teamed up with the most talented independently produced music artist from around the world to present the best film soundtrack ever created. Below is a sample of the artists that have signed on to-date. Be sure to click the links to give them all a listen and show your support by purchasing their music. AMZY-Words- Arthur Ward-Restless (Without You)- Breakin Hundred-Take Me Away-All Said And Done- Dan Webb and the Spiders-28 Years-No Excuse- Divide the Day-Faded-Strive (Acoustic) Eric Bay-Long Hellos Short Goodbyes- Fire Valley Fire-Backroads- Flying Points-If You Leave- Frantic Jack-Burn -Hurricane- From States Away-Levittown-Chasing Amy- Here's To You-Live It Up- Jackson James-Bold-Moving- Morgan Willis-Another Day (Outro)-Black Rain-Sophie-She's Not Real- Owen Stephen-Just Dreaming-Rainy Skies-Hardest Roots Permanent Holiday-Tonight-As The City Sleeps Tonight- Promise to Burn-Head- sarGasm-Always- Scott Aitken-Hold On- The Fearless-Tangled- Workout Music-All Over Town-Make It Right- Executive Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor - Joseph Ammendolea Producer – Christine Ammendolea Associate Producer – Danielle Cook Assistant Director - Dan "Shaggy" Hoffman Choreographer - Alexis Sparkle Preproduction Assistant - Frank Sanchez