Friday, May 7, 2021

Movie Pitch – Home Improvement

Movie Pitch – Home Improvement

If any classic sitcom deserved a big screen follow-up it’s Home Improvement.  It’s the pinnacle of 90s sitcoms as well as one of the last decent three camera formatted shows.  Over 30 million people tuned into the last episode, a rating total that is almost impossible to achieve in the DVR age of television.  Unlike most TV shows that become movies and get a completely new cast, Home Improvement is in a position to be a feature that utilizes it’s original cast and follows-up with its characters where the show ended.

The film would open like most episodes did, with a huge construction stunt caused by the clumsy more power driven Tim the Tool Man Taylor on the set of his show Tool Time.  Since we last saw him in 1999 he’s grown to be a bigger hit than his nemesis Bob Villa.  This is all thanks to becoming a YouTube sensation after all his wacky accidents were uploaded to the video website.  From there his show has gone national via cable TV and he’s a modestly popular celebrity.  Al is still Tim’s assistant on the show and still one of the most popular personalities with Tool Time fans. 

Tim’s personal life appears to be as great as ever.  His marriage is happier than ever, his kids are all grown with their own families and careers.  The only thing missing in Tim’s life is his friend and former next door neighbor Wilson Wilson.  Wilson passed away a few years ago and Tim has been a bit lost on an emotional level without his friend and confidant to advise him on life’s struggles. 

After the big opening stunt and Tool Time wraps a person from the audience named John approaches Tim and reveals he’s Wilson’s illegitimate son.  He’s in his late 20s and decided to track Wilson down after the passing of his mother.  Wilson had a fling with a woman at some point in the 90s and unknowingly had a son with him.  While the John was trying to find his father he discovered Wilson passed away and the bulk of his estate was left to Tim Taylor.  Tim invites John over to his house for dinner later to talk things out. 

From there we’re reintroduced to Jill who’s prepping for their youngest son’s Mark’s wedding and is a complete crazy person.  Jokes ensue via Tim at the expense of his son and his future wife.  Randy arrives to the house with his wife and new born child.  They had planned on staying in a hotel but due to some sort of comedic issue they now have to crash at the Taylor home. 

We learn that Randy is a successful environmental lobbyist in Washington DC.  He still has his quick wit but is big on going green whenever possible.  Almost the complete opposite of Tim’s more power stance in the world.  It’s also revealed that Randy and Brad had a falling out.  

Brad lives in the same town a few blocks away. He’s worked his way into a middle-management position at Binford Tools.  He’s married to his childhood girlfriend Jennifer and they have a 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son. 

As they all prep for Mark’s wedding we learn that Mark is the regional manager of Harry’s Hardware which has expanded from a local mom and pop shop to a midsized chain in the Midwest.  It’s also a store Al is part owner of.  Mark’s future wife is an amateur female wrestler with some silly name we can hash out later.  

Al is Tim’s assistant on Tool Time and is the most popular personality on the show. His marriage failed and he was cleaned out in the divorce with the exception of Harry’s Hardware which Al turned into a small retail empire thanks to the popularity of the show. Al is single and looking for love, he is a bit selective because he does not wish to be with a Tool Time fan and also doesn’t want another failed marriage.  Al’s popularity causes him to receive an offer to host his own show.  Tim tries to persuade Al to stay with Tool Time stating that the show is only successful because of their team dynamic and solo they are lost.  Eventually Tim offers Al a co-host title which Al gladly accepts as their show transitions into a larger market. 

As Tim navigates the different relationships in the coming weeks to his son’s marriage, he starts to develop a bond with John and tell him stories about his late friend Wilson.  Remembering Wilson, bleeds into Tim’s life as he advises his family in his Tim Taylor way.  

Tim reconciles Brad and Randy, he helps Al find new love, helps Mark who is having marriage doubts, and befriends his future wrestler daughter in-law and her coworkers with comedic results, and he develops a relationship with Wilson’s son John.  

The film would end with Tim realizing that Wilson isn’t gone because his advice follows Tim around in all his decisions and the wisdom he passes along to his friends and family.  Tim accepts his role as the new Wilson with his own more power spin to it.  He invites John to celebrate his son’s wedding with him stating that Wilson was family to him and by extension his son is now family too.  The film will end with some comedic wedding shenanigans and Tim going nuts with more power gags and wreck the wedding, 

The ultimate sell of the film is the physical comedy related to all the stunts Tim pulled off.  So the gags would be similar to the TV show but on a much larger scale.  Tim would wreck office buildings, damage million dollar equipment, blowup stuff, annihilate cars, cause hilarious catastrophe at a wedding.  

Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®