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Based on a true story, Tyler (Steven Makropoulos) has just been dumped by his longtime girlfriend Jessica (Stephanie Tapoler). He tries to seek solace with his childhood friends George (Matthew Thomas) and Joe (David Burkard). But George has other plans and recruits the gang into a series of immature revenge schemes and shenanigans in the hopes of driving Jessica into his arms or an asylum. Produced, written, edited & directed by Joseph Ammendolea. Featuring the music talents of Craving Strange, Midnight Mob, Black Suit Youth, Serica Ux, The Fall '85, First Stage, Pindhurst Farms, and Breakin' Hundred.

The reviews are in and Dumped has been declared decent.  Watch us celebrate.

Read the review for yourself at http://panandslam.com/2015/05/27/dumped-is-a-decent-directorial-debut/