Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yoda vs Gandalf

Yoda vs Gandalf
It’s the decade old question who would win in a fight between the Jedi Master and the multicolored wizard.  The only way to approach such a sensitive nerd debate is to compare their equivalent experience and adversarial counterparts from their respective realms.  I’m sure there is some genius that would come out and say Yoda can just Death Star the planet or shoot a ray gun at Gandalf but that would be cheating.  Also Gandalf is a magic dude so he can just saw himself in half to avoid whatever is being thrown at him and then reattach himself.  

Despite what the nerds believe these are fictional characters and therefore a degree of equality is something that must be factored in when comparing these hypothetical match-ups. This rule would count for any match-up even if it was Walker Texas Ranger versus Louis Tully, CPA.  It has to be treated as a fair fight. 

Mind Over Matter

Yoda had the Jedi Mind Trick ability which allowed him to influence people’s actions.

Gandalf performed an exorcist on King Theodon and freeing him from Sauramon’s control over. 

Gandalf wins this match-up because the Jedi Mind Trick would have no effect on him.

The Light Show

 Gandalf was able to blind an entire Orc army with the rays of the sun during the battle of Helms Deep.   He also used the same light to scatter away attacking Nazgul outside the gates of Minas Tirith.

Yoda was able to deflect Sith lighting without the need of a lightsaber from both Count Doku and Emperor Palpatine.

That means Yoda could deflect Gandalf's light attacks thus winning the match-up.

The Ginsu Slice and Dice

In the end it comes down to swordplay. 

Gandalf lost his sword fight against Sauron’s number 2 man with the The Lord of the Nazgul, The Witch King of Angmar. Prior to that Gandalf also lost an old-man knock-down, drag-out, punch for punch fight against Sauromon (Christopher Lee).

Yoda easily bested Palpatine’s number 2 man Count Doku (Christopher Lee) with his lightsaber antics.

Yoda’s prowess with the sword gives him (forgive the pun) the edge.  Therefore proving himself to be the victor.

Written by

Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®