Friday, December 5, 2014

Terminator Genisys...WTF?

A time travel movie that travels into a world that already has time traveled?  We haven't seen that since Back to the Future II (1989).  At least BTTFII had the same actors and recut into the original film.  Robert Zemeckis thought it would be an interesting challenge to revisit a film from a different perspective.  This new Terminator film is all over the place!  It's in the Mc G future, established in Terminator Salvation (2009), it's in the James Cameron past from the original The Terminator (1984).

Using the same actors allows for cool things like this.  I don't care if it's 30 years later, maybe it's a sign you should leave it be.

True Terminator fans will acknowledge the films ended after Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991).  The writer/director James Cameron stated there was no need for a 3rd film because his story stopped after 2.  Cameron's terminator is about predestined fate and the future is what you make it.  The first Terminator lightly addresses this topic, it mostly centers on the love story between Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, oh and some unstoppable machine made in Austria that kills people.

Deadly: It hurt so much to watch this film you could die from it.

Terminator 2's entire theme is that you can change the future, it can be better...or worse.  Cameron even filmed an ending where John Connor is all grown up with a family and Judgement Day never happened.  He scrapped the ending for a more ambiguous figure it out for yourself close, which allows the audience think for themselves on what many write off as a simple action film.

Maybe a nuclear explosion detonated a few moments later...

We would have never seen another Terminator film if it wasn't for the fact that Cameron decided to cheat on his wife while making Titanic (1997).  Part of the divorce agreement gave the Terminator rights to Linda Hamilton who went and sold them to the highest bidder.  Because of this we got Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003).  Terminator 3's message was you can't cheat fate.  I wonder if Hamilton decided to grant the rights to whoever was willing to make a film that said her husband's first two films were wrong?  Terminator 3 took Terminator 2 and said "frak you! You cannot change what's meant to happen."  It was a super bummer.  Not only the message or because the movie was blah but also we had to deal with 2 hours of Claire Danes and Nick Stahl.

I want to hate him but I can't because he makes such awesome sequels.

Then comes director Mc G.  He creates an awesome follow-up called Terminator Salvation.  A fun flick that could be argued as a continuation of T3 or a prequel to the original Terminator.  Many of us at "I Like To Play With Toys" Productions® would like to think T3 never happened and consider Terminator Salvation as a prequel that takes place in the future.  It shows the war against the machines, something many fans wanted to see since the days of T2.  While T3 just rehashed the old storyline again, Salvation dropped the time travel piece and focused on Marcus Wright waking up in an apocalyptic future.  It was fresh and gave us some of the best Christine Bale soundbites ever.   We were promised a trilogy starring Bale and got crapola.

What kind of name is Mc G?

Now comes Terminator Genisys, ugg they don't even know how to spell genesis.  Terminator Genesis would be an awesome movie about an Austrian traveling back in time to prevent Phil Collins from killing Peter Gabriel to become the lead singer of the best progressive/pop/rock band of the 1980s.  Oh wait, I like Phil Collins Genesis, I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger would be the bad guy in this one.  Peter Gabriel and the early days of Genesis are boring.  Yes I said it, I like mainstream Genesis and mainstream music, screw you!

The hate between these two is wow...

Anyway back to the real issue.  Terminator Genisys is time traveling into the first film and screwing up everything.  It's also creating too many time paradoxes for an audience to accept.  An audience can accept one paradox, like how was John Conner born to lead a resistance that saved saved his father Kyle Reese to send him back in time to impregnate his mother...and save her life?  And what's the deal with the modern automobiles on the bridge if he's sent back to 1984?

Isn't anyone concerned about this end of the world paradox? Though it would be cool to see Arnold faint.  

The timeline changes are too vast, Arnold goes to Sarah's childhood, saves her, then she pops up in 1984 and saves Kyle Reese who's supposed to save Sarah.  Also, didn't we get enough of that film flam time jam stuff in the Fox TV show the Sarah Boring Chronicles?  Also Arnold is way old, Terminators can age now?  Uhh last time I checked cybernetic organisms don't age.  He's made to blend in and adapt.  He's got a neural net processor, a learning computer.  His intellect can grow and he can learn to love, but he doesn't age.

Somewhere in Time (1980) is the exact same movie as Terminator but without all the cyborg killing action.  

On the plus, this film is already saying you can change your fate so it's already better than T3.  But the negatives are the actors do not look anything like the original actors.  I know they cast based on the best performance but at least try to have some small resemblance to the previous actors otherwise your stuck with confusion.  It's like does anyone know if Patriot Games is a sequel to The Hunt for Red October or if the Ben Afflack and Chris Pine films count for anything?  No, no one knows.  No amount of James Earl Jones will clarify that!!!

Did I stutter?

Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®