Friday, December 8, 2017

Bohemian Live Part 2 of 2

Check out the band Bohemian as they perform live from Port Jefferson.

Please note you'll notice they sounded great with the first song in Part 1, but as the little blonde man fiddled with the soundboard they began to sound worse and worse.  Please do not to count that against them.  They are very talented.

Its unclear why the small hipster man with the weak mustache and early 1900s style haircut allowed the tiny man to keep screwing up the sound for the band.  Every time he tries to tweak it the sound just gets worse.  Either he didn't know what he was doing or it was deliberate.  Either way if you're in a band you better make certain you have your own guy running the soundboard.

Another major issue is the concept of vocals, all live bands seem to spend all their time focusing on the guitar sounding right (which is super important), but they forget the vocals need to be heard.  Every single indie band drowns out the singer with their instruments.  The singer needs to be heard above all else (unless he can't sing, then please, hide him behind the instruments).

It always helps to set a vocal level that gives you five or six decibels of headroom before feedback, then balance the rest of the band to the vocals. If you try to do it the other way, the vocals get totally lost or sound like shit.