Friday, May 22, 2020

The Time I Met Ron Perlman

It was the 2014 New York Comic Con and Mark Goldsein insisted on getting Ron Perlman’s autograph with an included free picture together.  We waited on line for over an hour.  When we got to the front Mark got his photo and I passed Perlman a DVD for the Dumped trailer.  Perlman asked me what the DVD was.  I told him it was for a film I made.  He then broke out of autograph mode looked up, asked me my name, nodded and said “good luck with the movie Joe.”  He then reached out to shake my hand.  We both thanked him for his time and left.  Afterward Mark accused me of stealing his moment with Perlman.  Mark got the photo and the autograph.  I got the handshake and the memory.  Perlman got a DVD with a 2 minute trailer of a “Decent Film.”

My overall impression of our interaction with him really summed up what Perlman was and what he appreciated.  He was an actor and appreciated people who put effort into the craft.  He saw a young filmmaker and by his understanding of the process he wanted to show his appreciation and respect for an artist.  Or maybe he thought it cost him nothing to shake my hand and wish me luck.  If I hit it big I’ll always remember Ron Perlman was nice to me and will give him a job, WHICH I ABSOLUTELY WILL!!!

Ron Perlman as the Beast along with Linda Hamilton.  Linda Hamilton is on the left.

Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®