Monday, January 8, 2024

Episode by Episode - Star Trek: Enterprise


Season 2

Episode 48 Cogenitor


This would have worked if it was a Star Trek: Voyager episode or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode.  It’s just hard to believe Commander Tucker could be this naïve about alien interactions this late into season two. 


Enterprise befriends the alien race Vissians.  Archer becomes buddy buddy with their leader while Tucker becomes obsessed with this person called a Cogenitor who helps the aliens procreate.  The aliens treat cogenitors as pets but Tucker is convinced they should have the same rights as the rest of the Vissans.  Ultimately he tries to change the complete culture of an alien species, it doesn’t go over well for anyone, the cogenitor kills herself.  Tucker gets ripped a new one by Archer for his error and pissing off an entire alien species.  


Looking at it from an outside perspective the Vissans culture is total messed up and the cogenitors are sex slaves.  Yes, they are needed to increase the population but they are treated as sub-par.  When in fact they are the most important part of their species survival.  It would have been nice to see Star Trek follow-up with this species generations later and see how Trip’s influence caused a revolt and saved these people.  


Archer’s attitude ultimately was the right approach.  It’s not their place to get involved with other people’s cultures.  They’re just there to make friends.  Sometimes that means not judging things that is very easy to make a judgment on.  Those issues could theoretically work themselves out over the natural course of time. 


Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®