Thursday, June 13, 2024


Hulu’s Andrew McCarthy documentary Brats wasn't as intriguing as it should have been. In fact it was rather self indulgent and failed to understand or capture the true mysticism surrounding the 1980s Brat Pack.

Its key members and adjacent members spend the documentary complaining about a label which has defined their career for almost 40 years. It never digs deeper into what they were going through at that time, how they rose to that status, what their career was like after the label. It barely skims the surface with any depth. The nostalgia of seeing Brat Pack actors reminisce isn't enough to save this documentary. 

What it devolved into, entirely by accident, is a bunch of rich celebrities, in their very expensive homes, lightly complaining about something that made them rich. They do regret rejecting the label in the early days but to complain about how it affected their career while sitting in kitchens the size of other folks houses really makes it hard to relate. 

People living on multi-acre farms or living with scenic ocean views truly have no right to complain about hiccups in careers that gave them so much. 

It's not a documentary that mocks its fan base or disrespects it. It doesn't even hate on the label. It's a documentary that doesn't understand its fans. It's so out of touch with what Brat Pack really meant. At no point do the actors ever truly factor in the resonance their films had for people and pop culture. Not with any depth worth noting. A true miss on what could have been something amazing.

Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®