Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movies Theaters!!!!

I don't go to the movies on opening weekend I have noticed the opening night crowd is a lot more annoying then the 1 week later crowd which is still very annoying. Also the movie has to be way late at night like the last showing because this is gonna attract the kiddies and they are almost as annoying as the adults. At least the kids have an excuse they are kids what pisses me off are the adults that do not discipline the annoying loud children that ask pointless questions that would be answered if they just watched the fucking movie.

Here is a wild notion when your child starts talking loud you tell them not too if they continue you take them out of the theater until they learn that it is rude to talk during a $11.00 movie. Many movie theaters offer refunds for such instances such as having to leave early because of an annoying child or an emergency like your cell phone battery died and you cannot text anymore.

Just because there is no noise doesn't mean it isn't annoying, lets face it that blue glowing light is a million times more annoying then any whispered hello.  Heaven forbid someone gets up and leaves the theater to talk.
What are my points???? If you have a chatty kid don't take him to a movie take him to a baseball game. It's only like $5 more when you account for time spent there. Texting is just as annoying as a ringing phone. You can get 2 tickets for $14.99 if you buy them at Cosco.

If I could really have my way I would just watch the damn things from home but my life surrounds me with movie spoilers. The big screen experience just isn't worth the cash. Hence all the bootleggers.