Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick Update - New York Comic Con 2013

We don't have any crowd shots yes so check out this dudes pecks!

This is going to be a quick article as events are still unfolding. I just spent Thursday October 10, 2013 at the 2013 New York Comic Con.  It was a fun time but way too crowded.  Thursday is supposed to be the least crowded day and it was pure aisle congestion and anarchy.  Thursday also lacked the pizazz of the awesome panels that Friday, Saturday and Sunday promises as well as the really really hot chicks in costumes. 

This is just a picture to balance out the picture from above 

There was an awesomely free after party at the Hudson Terrace Salon located on 46th and 11th.  The after party was promoting some new free game called Hello Hero about a cactus that does stuff.  I enjoyed the free food and drinks as well as the pretty cool atmosphere.  Since nerds are docile creatures the overall scene was worry free and fun. There were no stresses about roid-raging Jersey Shore douchebags ruining the good time.  The music was even pumping at a proper decibel that did not make your ears bleed or cause you to have hearing problems after you left.  If this evenings after party was any indication of how Hudson Terrace Salon does its shindigs I’d recommend that everyone pay it a visit.  

Here is a poor quality picture of three lovely cosplayers from the after party.  

Here is an even worse picture of the Cactus from the video game that was the reason fro the awesome after party.

We don't really know what this is but it was taken during the after party.