Friday, March 27, 2015

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Part 2


In addition to performing this year Neidfyre, worked with one of the newest shops on the shire, Enchanted Shire, to conduct a game fitting for the theme of Time Travelers weekend. Upon visiting the Enchanted Shire, a sign on the wall states the rules of the game: “When you spot the Tardis say : Are you my Mommy?” The Keeper of the Tardis will give you the secret code, comeback to the Enchanted Shire to receive your free little blue box.”  “Your free little blue box” was a Tardis necklace.  The game was a wonderful way to draw Time Traveling guests into the shop.    Enchanted Shire, like many of the shops in the shire has many one of a kind, handmade items generally only available at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  If you want to check out some of their items before your visit, follow them on Facebook at

The most accurate time travel movie ever made!

Luckily, if you missed visiting one of your favorite shops during your first trip to the faire, you are almost guaranteed to be able to find the shop upon your return visit.  If your favorite shop is in one of the many permanent structures on the faire grounds, the shop owns that building until they sell it, and you are lucky enough to be able to visit them weekend after weekend.    

This is truly the best store and Ren Faire.  I get all my trance and industrial music needs here.

One of the long standing vendors, the Lion’s Den, has been selling their handcrafted leather goods at the Faire for over 20 years.  Owners and artisans, Josh Soifer & Ray Brehm, specialize in handcrafting leather products, such as mugs, straps, bondage wears, belts, and leather roses.  Upon entering the Lion’s Den, you realize this is not your everyday store, but also a workshop, where you can watch the crafters take a piece of leather a transform it into a masterpiece.  Luckily, as their popularity has grown, you now can view some of their products on their website at, and you can follow them on Facebook at, but their only store is located at the PA Renaissance Faire.  Their bestselling item is their 100% handcrafted leather mug, that is one of the only leather mugs that can hold hot or cold liquids, and tend to be a favorite item at the faire, by both guests and performers alike. 

Be careful, lions can a tad practical jokey sometimes.
            In addition to sporting leather mugs, many guests decide to participate in the faire by wearing period garb, or garb appropriate to the theme of the weekend.  If you are new to faire attendance, and want to participate as a costumed patron, there exist many shops where you can purchase items such as corsets, hats, even full dresses.  

They don't sell costumes or castles here.  But it's still the best place to get costumes and castles in Pennsylvania.  
If you are not sure about investing in purchasing Renaissance garb, make your way to Lady Gwendylon Potratraits. For over twenty four years, Lady Gwendylon offers guests the opportunity to step back in time with period pieces for portraits, for the day through rentals, and forever through sales and custom commissioned garb.  Lady Gwendylon has outfitted visitors for the day, such as Good Morning America’s weekend weather person, and for a lifetime, such as a young couple who were married at the Renaissance Faire during Time Travelers Weekend.  

We were looking all over for her.
We ended up finding them.

            The young couple outfitted by Lady Gwendylon, were married and held their wedding reception at the faire.  The Pennsylvania Renaissance faire is fully equipped to host private events,  but you need not attend a private event to enjoy the food and drink at the faire.  

He purchased her from the Nerd Queens for 2 goats, 1 donkey and 30 Magic the Gathering Cards. 

Written by
Angelica McKessy
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®