Friday, April 3, 2015

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Part 3


Let them eat cake.
            The Faire is home to many yummy faire favorites such as Funnel Cake, Cheesesteaks, Turkey Legs, Soup in a Bread Bowl, Tiger Pies, Scotch Eggs, and Corned Beef.  Located throughout the faire, feeding the whole family isn’t always easy if tastes differ, but most food venues are located in one spot.  No matter what your palette, there is something for you.  A good investment for the frequently thirsty is a souvenir drinking vessel.  Depending on your drink of choice, be it soda, wine, beer, or sangria slushy, the commemorative drinking vessels come filled at initial purchase, and generally you receive a discount for all subsequent refills, depending on your beverage.  

The best wine comes from a box.
The location of the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire, at the Mount Hope Estate and Winery, should divulge to the guests that alcohol is readily available to those of drinking age at the faire.  If you enjoy Beer, you must try some of the Swashbuckler Brewing Company handcrafted ales and lager.  The Swashbuckler Brewing Company uses locally grown products, and is a highlight of the unique offerings of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  If you purchase 

The Swashbuckliest Swashbuckler of them all.
Another highlight is the wine of the Mount Hope Estate and Winery, itself.  At one booth in the faire grounds you can taste many of the wines available, and may be pleasantly surprised but some of the wines offered.  The winery offers a variety of different fruit wines, including but not limited to Strawberry wine, Pear wine, Blueberry wine, etc., in addition to traditional wines such as Merlot.  No matter what you do, make sure you try their Mead.   

Authentic Renn Faire drinks. 
Two days reveling at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, at the Mount Hope Estate and Winery is not enough.  During each return trip, you are sure to see, hear, eat, or do something new. Maybe the first time you ride an elephant, the next you are lucky enough to see a Mermaid or two in the fountain, and the next you meet the Queen herself.  No matter how long your visit, always make sure you stay for the Finale at Song at the Globe Theatre.  During the last performance of the evening, you will be treated to a variety show, during which all the performers unite to entertain the King and Queen, and of course you.  If you missed an act throughout the day, there is a good chance you will get a taste during the Finale in Song, and you are always guaranteed some jokes regarding the theme of the weekend.  If you are lucky, maybe some incarnations of the Doctor, will randomly join in the celebration during Time Travelers weekend.

At the end of the day, the Faire is a great value for the amount of entertainment packed into one weekend, and a wonderful trip back in time.  If you aren’t close to Manheim, Pennsylvania, you are lucky - there are two hotels in walking distance of the faire. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is one of the best Renaissance Faires, and one of the most professional.  Make a weekend of it, and go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, running until October 26th.  If you would like more information on the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, please visit their website at

Are you telling me you built a time machine, out of nerds? 

Written by
Angelica McKessy
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®