Friday, October 14, 2016

Prom - A Review On Reality

Prom had this annoying girl in it that was the star who was a goodie goodie that kept talking about how it's such an important thing in your life (when we all know it's not). She would not shut up about it. Every time she cried/almost cried I laughed and applauded. Of course she falls for the bad boy leather jacket with the shady past who has some punishment which causes them to have to work together. 

Wow, they are so different. She puts up posters and he gets books from his locker.
It was also a bit racist, the only real villain in the movie is the all star black athlete who is cheating on his black g/f with a sophomore white girl. They both leave him in the end so when he's voted king of the prom no one wants to dance with him. They could have humanized him a bit and shown that he was just a 17 yr old dude but they didn't because that's Disney! 

He didn't become the villain of the film until trying to date a white girl.
The sophomore girl likes the athlete and another dude her own age and at first chooses the glitter and glam of prom night and than realizes she should be with the boy who she shares similar rock band music interest with. 

They bond over their love of punk rock, but there is not punk rock anywhere in the soundtrack.
There is the girl who has her whole life planned with her b/f until she gets accepted to Parson fashion college in NY and won't being going to college with him. 

Girls never get accepted to medical school in film.  They all want to work in fashion. 
We can't forget the Ray Romano/Napoleon Dynamite hybrid who keeps asking every girl he sees to prom with comedic results and then ends up taking his sister, only to find the quirky funny girl he was looking for at the dance. 

Perhaps an illegitimate child?

It was better than Love Actually.

Worst film ever.

Written by
Steven Rogers
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®