Friday, March 12, 2021

Rock N’ Roll Super Group

Rock N’ Roll Super Group

It’s so obvious it should have happened 10 years ago. The remaining members of The Beatles and The Who should unite to form the best Rock N’ Roll Super Group ever made. How would this work you ask?  Simple, Paul McCartney on bass, Ringo on drums, Pete Townsend on guitar and Roger Daltry on guitar (I think he can play the guitar).  McCartney and Ringo fill in for the late John Entwhistle and Keith Moon.  Daltry and Townsend fill in for the late John Lennon and George Harrison. 

They are each missing their key performers for their respective bands that they were met to unite and tour as The Whootles.  Imagine Daltry belting out Twist n Shout or McCartney singing The Song is Over.  The only reason it will never happen is McCartney doesn’t need the money and he sells out stadiums just fine as a solo act.  

Having seen both McCartney and The Who live, their performances differed quite a bit.  A McCartney concert might be borderline creepy to some.  He runs out in these bright colored suits and does a bunch of gimmicky old man rock moves that are older than he is but that’s his schtick.  It’s all tongue and cheek and rather fun.  It would be contrived as creepy if he was serious about this hems, haws, and hip thrusts.  The Who is the same now as they are in the 70s.  It’s the same microphone tosses and guitar circle whammy things but in an old man mellow way.  Sadly they don’t wreck the stage anymore because they’d likely break a hip. 

So separate they are a bunch of old dudes that are recycling timeless old practices we still love.  Together they are a rock power house sewing the best must talent of the 60s and 70s into gold.

Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®