Monday, April 3, 2023

Episode by Episode - Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1

Episode 8 Breaking the Ice


Another solid episode and a good follow-up to the prior.  Captain Archer has trust issues with his Vulcan first officer T’Pol and has his engineer Commander Tucker hack an encrypted message she received.  Turns out, the message is just a personal letter about her arranged marriage falling apart.    Tucker feels bad, Archer feels bad.  Relationships are mended


The main plot involves some of the Enterprise crew getting stuck in a meteor of ice while a Vulcan ship observes.  The Vulcan captain offers to help, Archer is stubborn and wants to solve the problem himself.  After a few failed attempts and his crew members on the verge of dying, T’Pol convinces Archer to accept the Vulcan’s help.  She states the captain of the Vulcan ship wants to prove that Earthlings are stubborn and would rather let their own people die than accept help.  Archer relents, the day is saved. 


Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®