Friday, October 20, 2023

Untitled Poem

She grows in dark cascades of light, the sun glistening as the moon rays guide her. 

A pathway of meandering wonder, the shadows of the past follow in consequential jest. 

Lalligagging in poppy fields only to find time did not wait for her. 

Awoken from clandestine dreams, only to find nightmares in reality. 

There's no place like home, clicking heels until her soul bleeds to infinity. 

She beckons the demons to summon the gods. 

Twisted karma unravels the now, searching past lives to figure it out. 

Searching, learning, growing, knowing. 

At the end of her journey, she'll eventually see, 

She is dead... but finally free.


By Kristin Smith 

©2023 Kristin Smith