Friday, October 27, 2023

Untitled Poem

You say you're a gangsta, you think you're a don? 

Wanna approach me with a knife or a gun? 

Fist full of money and a gat in your hand, when you were a child, was that in your plan? 

You must've made mama oh so damn proud, looting and shooting while running your mouth. 

Holding a weapon to steal what you want, 

You ain't no damn gansta, you're a pussy ass punk. 

Fight like a man, hold up your fists. 

Stop actin' so hard cuz your weak ass ain't shit. 

Tough guy you are? Strappin' your stuff; 

You gotta ACT hard cuz you can't get it up. 

Go get a job! Stop actin' a fool. 

I pay my taxes, how about you? 

Talking a game that you can't even play. 

Quit actin' so stupid, just go away. 

If he was alive, I guarantee this... 

Capone would've shown you who's the real bitch.


By Kristin Smith 

©2023 Kristin Smith