Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 NYCC Cosplayer

From October 9th – 12th 2014 New York City got invaded by nerds and I was there to capture all the wacky fun antics associated with New York Comic Con.  Unfortunately due to unforeseen technical issues the audio for our event got obliterated.  But do not stress because this article will sum up all the crazy conversation fun that was had while we explored the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

We opened with Wonder Woman because she laughed the most at my lame jokes
Our first interview involved a lovely conversation with Wonder Woman.  Our talk dwelled on the evolution of her costume and that she lost track of the time and expense placed on the task of creating it.  She stated that the costume pieces are recycled, mixed, and matched for her cosplay needs.  The dedication involved is hours of time and billions of dollars.  She was very sweet and laughed at all my lame jokes. 

Who doesn't love a cute bunny ribbit ribbit. 
I next spoke with Adriane who was a bunny rabbit of some sort.  She dressed in this clever get up to promote her booth, which was nowhere near where we were talking.  They sold basically all the stuff she was wearing.  It was determined the reason for the booth was so she could write her sexy costume off as a business expense.  A noble way to afford the expensive world of cosplay.

This is the fight that broke out during the interview

I then met Katie who was dressed as Black Canary and proceeded to talk about how she stole all of her costumed gear from friends and family.  Her costume cost her $5, it is the cheapest and most authentic costume for $5 to ever grace the NYCC stage.

She's tall and kind of looks like that dude Gabe from The Office.  That's not an insult to her, that dude is rather girly looking. 
See huh see!!!
Then we met Molly who was Ruby the rocket launcher baseball player.  She admitted to spending $120 for her lovely costume and made the trip from East Hampton to show it off for all of nerdom to admire. 

Raven had a really awesome cloak on or maybe it was a table cloth...
Admiration came very strongly toward Raven who refused to release her real name because she insisted on staying in character.  If she was a dude it be scary but since she was really cute I didn’t mind.  I then asked her some simple comic questions like “who are the Teen Titans?”  She seemed a bit baffled by the question like she'd never read the comic or seen the cartoon so I went to the simple questions of how much she spent to make herself into Raven.  It turned out she spent a lot of money. 

This is the dude that interrupted the interview and than ran away I hope he got his picture at some point. 
Lady Deathpool was truly the most interesting girl we spoke with.  She stated she’d never been interviewed before but was very personable.  What was particularly fun about her was that she was so popular, a random NYCC attendee interrupted the interview in hopes of snagging a picture with her.  When I pointed out that she was in the process of getting interviewed he embarrassingly walked away, I tried to get him to stay and hang out but he would have no part of it.   Lady Deathpool had some really awesome insight into why she choose that character and the time and effort it took to create it.  She spent several months and about $1000 to create this cosplayer persona.  She even let us into her family life and showed us how her family thought it was a bit weird that she'd dress up like a comic character and tour conventions for attention but eventually the family warmed up to the hobby.  I suppose anything that keeps your kid out of the methadone clinic is a good thing. 

Their aren't too many Star Trek hotties but they do exist....
We followed Lady Deathpool up with some Star Trek cosplayers.  They were cute and it was nice talking to them but there isn’t much to say about these pretty girls in this article.

This is Will's everyday wear.  Eventually, I saw Scott without his mask and let's be thankful he wears one. 
Then I spoke with Will and Scott who were dressed as The Joker and Scarecrow from the Arkham Asylum video game version of the characters.  They spent a few months making their costume and the makeup process the day of was rather intense.  It took several hours to apply and sounded like it would be super painful to remove if done the wrong way.  I then made fun of them for a few minutes and implied they could never get a date.  It’s a good thing I know Will from outside NYCC because I was making some brutal jokes that our crappy audio missed. 

Sometimes in life you have to remind yourself to make eye contact.  It's important to do that.
Immediately after making jokes at my friend Will’s expense I spoke with a Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, and Poison Ivy.  They really liked my beard and if I wasn’t married I think I had a shot with them.  When I got home that night I made certain to show my wife the video.  Despite my pleading she refused to grant me the hall pass but did like their costumes. 

I don't want anybody else...
We then saw a fembot from Austin Powers.  I sang that Divinyls song to her and flicked her gun barrel with my finger.  When she didn’t report me for sexual harassment, I considered it a successful interview and moved on.  The next day I saw her dressed as Spider-Woman.  I made certain to get a picture with her. 

 I was shocked how quickly she dyed her hair after our interview. 

I ended my day interviewing model Shelly Scarlett.  Before the interview began she accused me of stalking her.  I wanted to explain that I’m too lazy to do that but since I comment on all her facebook posts I really had no defense.  She then showed me her very expensive and tight fitting costume and followed it up with pointing out her boyfriend.  “Calm down Shelly, I’m married.”  He’s a good looking dude but didn’t say much.  I suppose that’s the secret to getting a hot chick be good looking and shut the fuck up.  Then again I have a hot wife and can’t keep my mouth shut…So I guess if you’re average looking talk and if your good looking shut-up and if your ugly buy a mask and try to meet pretty girls in costume and NYCC. 

She seemed to be having breathing problems because the outfit was so tight I took her breath away. 
So to round this all out, the cosplay world that has formed from NYCC and conventions across the country is tremendous.  We didn’t even skim the surface of all the costumed folk that attended NYCC.  Of the 160,000 people who attended the show a colorfully funny, polite, vibrant few took the opportunity to highlight their personality, their unique inner beauty, and they did so by dressing up as someone else. 

Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®