Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 NYCC Vendors

New York Comic Con ran from October 9th – 12th 2014 and “I Like To Play With Toys” Productions® was there to tape this momentous pop culture event.  Sadly, due to technical issues our audio did not modulate properly and our fun video falls a little flat.  But do not stress because this article will summarize all the crazy video fun we had.

Our first stop was with the people of Medieval Times.  The interview was over-the-top awesome.  They stayed in character during the entire conversation.  When I asked them who their favorite knight was they proceeded to diplomatically pick each knight as their favorite.  I then asked when they would start using utensils at the Medieval Times and they kicked me out of their booth.  I didn’t even get the chance to barter for the purchase of the princess as my bride but I am guessing it would have cost a whole mess of land I did not own.  You can get tickets to all the awesome tournament action at

It's an awesome place, the only downside is that it's located in New Jersey. 

We then spoke with the makers of Enormous, an apparently very popular comic book.  The booth was crowded and selling copies as if people did not know how to illegally download comics on the internet.  The Facebook page describes Enormous as “In the midst of a planetary battle for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm spawns 'the enormous', massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Humankind struggles to stave off extinction.”  That sounds like it would make a great movie.   Be sure to get all your Enormous information at

A snapshot from the upcoming Enormous movie.

A comic con would not be complete without speaking with the people behind Loaded Barrel Studios.  Usually we speak with either Jordan or Jared Barel but this year we got the to speak with Jordan and Jared Barel.  We learned that their name isn’t pronounced Barel, it’s actually pronounced Barel.  They also talked about their classic Brielle the Horror and the ongoing success with their crowd funding campaigns.  Definitely show your support to

Aren't the Barel brothers so dreamy? 

What can you follow a Barel brothers interview with? Ally, from All Bobble Heads.  She was funny and cute and was selling bobble heads.  Not just any bobble heads, personalized bobble heads.  We weren’t really interested in the bobble heads because Ally is a bit too awesome for the product.  I tried to get her phone number in the hopes of buying her dinner but she just referred me to the website 

Those 4 bridesmaids do not equal 1 Ally.

While Ally was all dreamy, Lindsey Ann was all business.  Her website sums up her talent much better they I ever will.
“Lindsey Ann studied the craft of Special Effects Make-up at “Make-up Designer” in New York City. With a passion for music and her strong skills as a make-up artist, “Symphony Blush” was born. She has brought her signature talents to all forms of media including Photo Shoots, Films, and Local Events.
Lindsey’s arsenal of unique skills include manipulating foam latex, silicone, gelatin, and prosaide transfer prosthetics, to go beyond basic make-up application and creating realistic masks and other visual effects that can bring the ideas from the written page to life. If you can imagine it, Lindsey can create it.”
You can access her talents at

Not as sweet as Lindsey Ann but the only picture we could find.

While on the high of our makeup interview we figured we should keep the makeup theme going.  We came across future meteorologist Leena from Painted Pinups.  It was a calendar of girls painted as if they were dressed as cosplayers.  It’s a fairly simple concept but I made certain to talk to Leena as long as possible.  She was really really interesting to talk to.  The most interesting person I have ever spoken to.  I could have talked about any topic she wanted for as long as she wanted to discuss it.  I just had to consciously remind myself to retain eye contact during the entire conversation.  If you’re a bit lost as to why just go to 

A super typhoon developed into a powerful post-tropical cyclone with impacts in parts of New York Comic Con.

Our last conversation was with one of the members of Lips Squared.  She made a point to pronounce it leapsquahrd.  She talked about her girl power song, “”I Got The Pussy Cat I Got The Power.” To me it seemed to be shameless filth, unlike the class act that is Painted Pinups, but who am I to judge?  She sang a bit of her song and it sounded lovely but there were no plans for a tour.  Perhaps some information will be posted on their website

Apparently the girls were trying to call someone a loser but didn't know what an L looked like. 

New York Comic Con has hundreds of awesome and lame vendors.  The vendors are more than willing to chat with you about their products in the hopes that you will purchase their items.   The next convention you attend be certain to chat these people up, you may make a new friend or get something for free. Most likely you’ll get conned out of some hard earned cash.  Either way it all goes to a good cause, the American economy. 

Written by
Joseph Ammendolea
“I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®