Saturday, November 4, 2017

Casting All Roles for Feature Film - DRAMA

ATTENTION ACTORS: “I Like To Play With Toys” Productions®, the creators of “Dumped” and “The Cosplayer,” are holding auditions for an upcoming drama slated for Spring 2018.

Audition/Filming Details
Auditions will be held in Franklin Square/Bellerose. 

Filming locations set in Queens and Nassau Counties.

Shooting Schedule:
Select Weeknights 8-10pm. Weekends, no more than 6 hours.

Film Details:
The Notebook meets American Graffiti.  Music-driven thinkpiece on life, love and the human experience.

The completed project will be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, as well as select international/regional film festivals.

This is a NO-PAY GIG.  All actors will receive an IMDB credit as well as references.

Available Roles:
BRIAN – Lead, Male 23. Grad Student in Philosophy. Cocky, sensitive, high IQ, too smart for his own good, sarcastic.

MICHELLE – Lead, Female 24. High School Guidance Counselor. Confident, caring, stubborn, sarcastic.

ANDREW – Supporting, Male 22-24. Brian’s best friend. Mechanic.  Practical, loyal, lovario, street smart, and book smart.

JOHNNY – Supporting, Male 30. Brian’s mean older brother.  Loud, arrogant, sexist, genuinely cares about his brother.

TOMMY – Supporting, Male 28-30. Michelle’s ex-fiancé. Jobless, drug addict, abusive, surfer look (good looking, slim physique), horrible childhood

JACK – Supporting, Male 55-60. Brian and Johnny's father.  Divorced, trying to live the eternal life of a 20 year old

STACY - Supporting, Female 24. Michelle’s Best Friend, Andrew’s Girlfriend. In control, keeps her feelings bottled up.

KELLY - Female 23. Brian’s girlfriend. (One Scene - laying groundwork for spin-off. Would be leading role)

LUCY - Female 29. Johnny’s girlfriend. The friend that always ruins the joke.

MAGGIE – Female 23. Love interest for Brian.  Asian ancestry preferred.

DANA – Female 22. Maggie's Best Friend.

Please email: with dates/times you’re available to audition.
Place character(s) you're interested in in Subject line.

Include headshot and past credits.